Watch and Learn: Stormwater Pollution & Green Infrastructure Solutions Educational Film

The Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation District and the NYSDEC recently released a short educational film entitled “Stormwater Pollution and Green Infrastructure Solutions“. This film highlights stormwater runoff impacts throughout New York State and showcases several green infrastructure (GI) solutions to help mitigate the issues associated with stormwater runoff pollution.

Green roofs, like this one at the State University of New York at Albany’s Liberty Terrace, can intercept precipitation and prevent it from being discharged into a sewer or outfall, allowing the stormwater to evaporate.

Why utilize GI? Stormwater runoff flows over impervious surfaces collecting and transporting pollutants such as excess nutrients, litter, petrochemicals, and bacteria/pathogens from animal waste. In areas with combined sanitary and storm sewers precipitation and snowmelt can trigger permitted overflows of combined sewage and stormwater containing concentrations of pollutants and bacteria that ultimately end up in receiving waters. Green Infrastructure can help limit run-off and combined sewer overflows, while providing a community benefit, by allowing stormwater to infiltrate back in to the ground or delaying stormwater temporarily to prevent surcharges, back-ups, and “first flush” discharges due to pipes capacity being maxed out.

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