Free EPA Webinar: Greening Vacant Lots

Vacant Lot, Albany

How could a vacant lot like this one be utilized to manage stormwater?

EPA’s Green Infrastructure program will host a webcast on February 9, 2016 from 1-2:30 PM EST titled “Greening Vacant Lots.”   In this webcast, speakers from the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the Buffalo Sewer Authority, and the City of Baltimore will highlight vacant lot greening programs and specific landscape treatments that they have used in their communities. These programs and practices utilize vacant lots as sponges to hold and soak in rainwater, which helps to keep local waterways clean. Implementing green infrastructure on vacant lots can also reduce the incidence of combined sewer overflows and the quantity of stormwater that municipal sewer districts treat and manage. By creatively using vacant lots as an asset, these cities are addressing legacy environmental challenges in new ways that create multiple community co-benefits.

Featured speakers include Jenny Guillaume from the City of Baltimore, Julie Barrett-O’Neil from the City of Buffalo Sewer Authority and Sandra Albo from the Cleveland Botanical Garden.  For more information and to register:

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