Join CDPA for our next “field trip,” a tour of Green Infrastructure practices at the State University at Albany

DaleyPlanit's Albany (4)Green Infrastructure (GI) practices which utilize infiltration of runoff into the ground, are one tool in a vast toolkit of engineering solutions employed for Stormwater Management at the University at Albany . Examples of these GI practices include infiltration of runoff by means of subsurface facilities, porous pavements, rain gardens and green roofs. These practices reduce the stormwater runoff from the campus that used to go off site to surrounding roads and streams and into the combined sewer system.

On July 21, University at Albany Facilities Management will host a 1-hour tour in which attendees can learn about what GI looks like, how it functions, the benefits of these practices, and the challenges of installing and maintaining this emerging technology. We will meet for a tour on Tuesday, July 21 at noon at the brand new Liberty Terrace Apartments, located along the ring road of the campus. Register here!

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