Green Infrastructure and Green Jobs Webinar

On  May 20, from  1 – 2:30 PM, the Albany County Stormwater Coalition will host a “Stormwater Wednesdays” webinar “Green Infrastructure and Green Jobs.”

Join attendees at the Town of Colonie; Public Operations Center; 347 Old Niskayuna Rd; Latham, NY

About the Webinar: Many existing workforce development and employment programs are expanding to incorporate installation and maintenance of green infrastructure practices, particularly in Cities that are ramping up deployment of green infrastructure practices. While this is a natural fit, programs must be tailored carefully to include not only technical training, but other workforce skills and support. In some cases, green infrastructure trainees are acquiring certifications to enhance their chances for employment in the field. This webcast features several programs around the country, and will highlight best practices for these types of programs, as well as critical lessons learned.

Call or e-mail to reserve a seat: 447-5645 or

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