New Water Infrastructure Improvement Act of  2015 to Provide $200 Million for Local Governments

Strategic waste water infrastructure investement is critical to the health and safety of our communities

Strategic waste water infrastructure investment is critical to the health and safety of our communities. Elberon Place in Albany’s Pine Hills, is a victim of frequent flooding from storm surges and thus it’s just one of many areas in which investment is desperately needed.

Included in the just enacted SFY 2015-16 State Budget is the New Water Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2015.  This Act will provide $200 million for water and sewer infrastructure improvements at the local level.

Under the terms of the program, the State will pay for up to 60% of the cost of any eligible project.  The program will be rolled out over three years, with $50 million available the first year and $75 million in the next two years.

The New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (NYS EFC) will administer the program and will establish a process and timeframe under which municipalities can apply.  In awarding such state financial assistance, consideration and preference must be given to municipalities that meet the hardship criteria established by NYS EFC and projects that result in the greatest water quality improvement or greatest reduction in serious risk to public health.

Information on other NYS EFC programs which benefit local governments can be downloaded via the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation Webpage.

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