Join us for a bike tour: Past, present, and future multi-use trail connections along the Hudson River’s western shore

Small WatersMay is National Bike Month. To celebrate, CDPA will host a 10-mile bike ride on Saturday, May 9th. As we pedal, we’ll discuss many exciting bike and pedestrian connections all in various stages of development from concept to complete.  Four presenters will discuss topics such as the South End Bikeway Link, trail and access improvements to the Corning Preserve, the Livingston Ave. Bridge, the Rte. 378 Troy-Menands Bridge bike ramp, and more! grab your bike helmet and come cycle with us!

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Our stops on the tour:

The unceremonious end to a the Corning Preserve Portion of the Mohawk Hudson Bike-Hike Trail

An unceremonious end to a the Corning Preserve Portion of the Mohawk Hudson Bike-Hike Trail

The proposed 2-mile SEBL is a proposed a link between the soon-to-be-built 9-mile Albany County Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail (HHRT) and the 13-mile Corning Preserve portion of the Mohawk Hudson Bike-Hike Trail that terminates rather unceremoniously at Albany’s Snow Dock. The SEBL connection would also serve the City’s South End resident population, formalizing a connection between this neighborhood and amenities such as the Albany Corning Preserve and the amphitheater. Landscape Architect Ted Kolankowski will share a possible route for this proposed connection, benefits, and obstacles that will need to be overcome to make the route safe and attractive.


The Corning Preserve

The Corning Preserve on a warm, sunny day

Kate Lawrence, a planner with the City of Albany, will share upcoming transportation and connectivity enhancements at the Corning Preserve and summarize highlights of the Corning Preserve Master Plan, a proposal for significant improvements for the City’s 15-acre multi-use waterfront, an essential piece of the City’s urban fabric and a significant connection to its most scenic natural resource, the Hudson River. This Plan is a collective endeavor to outline existing amenities and prioritize future improvements. And in coordination with Capitalize Albany’s “Impact” (the Downtown Albany TacticalPlan), the Corning Preserve Master Plan gives visualization to the Preserve’s role within the community and those elements that can be improved in order to make it a more valuable asset to the future (re)development of Downtown Albany.


The Livingston Ave. Bridge opportunity

The Livingston Ave. Bridge opportunity

A short distance further along the Corning Preserve Trail, Livingston Ave. Bridge advocate Martin Daley will discuss the ongoing advocacy campaign to encourage local, state, and federal partners to restore bike and pedestrian access to the rebuilt Livingston Avenue Bridge. The current Livingston Avenue Rail Bridge was constructed in 1902 with a cantilevered walkway that provided safe and easily accessible access for bikes and those on foot to cross the Hudson between the Cities of Albany and Rensselaer. The walkway, having suffered from years of neglect, was closed decades ago. The likely replacement of this bridge provides an opportunity to reestablish a bicycle and pedestrian connection that is both safe and cost effective. Several transportation studies and municipal and county resolutions on both sides of the bridge acknowledge the critical importance of restoring access to the waterfront and reestablishing this critical link in the growing regional bicycle trail network. Martin will share a bit of history about the bridge, the latest news on the evaluation to replace the bridge, and the benefits of restoring bike and pedestrian access across a new or rebuilt bridge.

The Troy-Menands Bridge - no longer just for cars

The Troy-Menands Bridge – no longer just for cars

Finally, at our last stop on the tour three miles further north, Ivan Vamos will share hishoughts on the construction, legacy, and rethinking of urban interstates. Many transportation planners now feel that these facilities, built based on population, employment and shopping traffic volumes or projections that have either declined, or never materialized, are overbuilt. Ivan will share his thoughts on how bike, pedestrian, and even recreational boat access to the waterfront could be restored, benefiting the Menands community that has been cut off from access to their riverfront since the construction of 787. He will also talk about the Rte. 378 Troy – Menands Bridge and the new bike ramp connection to this crossing that has received little fanfare. For those who want to cycle past our last stop, Ivan will lead a 3-mile cycle further north to Schuyler Flats, an important archaeological site and park.


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Island Creek Park is tricky to find. GPS Users look for 3 Broadway, Albany, NY. The park is near the the Plaza Three Truck Stop and the intersection of Broadway an Church St. in Albany. If you know where the Iconic U-haul building is, this park is roughly a half mile south on Broadway.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact Martin Daley or (518) 894-2195 on day of the event

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

If you plan to submit for CM credits then yes, this way we can take attendance. 2 CMs will be submitted for this event.

Tell me about the ride.

Most of the ride will be on trail, but we will start off the ride with a short half mile segment along Broadway. Attendees are welcome to check out the connection to the Albany County Rail Trail, 1.5 miles south via on-road riding either before or after our scheduled tour. All riders should wear helmets, ride single file, and communicate intentions when they stop or pass. Remember to signal if slowing down or stopping and leave the trail to prevent crashes with through traffic. Families are welcome, and since this is a tour, not a race, our pace will be slow enough for novices. The total legnth of our ride will be roughly 10-miles and roughly 2 hours not including the return ride. Plan for a total of 2.5 hours of riding time. Bring water and a few snacks to keep your energy up.

Will we eat after the ride?

If folks are up for it, a lunch stop at the Riverfront Bar and Grille could be added. The restaurant is currently closed, but will open for spring. Please check back for up to date info on meal options.

Is there a rain date?

Yes. May 30th if our speakers are still available.

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