American Planning Association: Arbor Hill, one of America’s Great Neighborhoods

Ten Broeck View

Ten Broeck View

Albany’s Arbor Hill neighborhood was just designated one of the American Planning Association’s “Great Places in America” because of it’s great historic assets, community engagement and civic pride, and it’ context sensitive development.

“Albany’s Arbor Hill is a community of notable strengths and exciting opportunities, including rich historic districts and important community institutions. The neighborhood has experienced difficult times and a variety of changes over the past decades. Its hilltop location offers fantastic views of the surrounding city, the downtown, and treasured natural spaces,” write the good folks at the Association.Among the Planning and Community Engagement highlights noted by APA:

  • The Arbor Hill Neighborhood Plan (2003) provided a framework for residents and investors to approach development in Arbor Hill, focusing on home ownership and rental housing, arts culture and heritage, business and job development, and quality of life.
  • The city recently completed the Albany 2030 Plan, the city’s first comprehensive plan, and included the action items identified in the Arbor Hill Neighborhood Plan.
  • The City of Albany received several Planning Excellence Awards for the Albany 2030 plan and for the implantation of the Arbor Hill Neighborhood Plan by the New York Upstate Chapter of the American Planning Association.

This is one of those rare opportunities for planners when we can get some spotlight on the controversial, and sometimes tedious work of setting goals, building consensus, obtaining funding support, navigating the spiderweb of red-tape, implementing a plan, and starting all over again!

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