Wanted: CDPA Board Members!

The Nominating Committee has been activated for the Capital District Planners Association.  We are looking for members who are interested in developing thier career, knowledge and professional networks by serving as a leader to our local, professional association.  Positions include:

Section Director:  shall be to preside at all meetings of the Section and of the Executive Committee (Executive Committee membership is defined in Article VI). The Section Director shall be ex-officio a member of all committees, shall represent the Section in an official capacity, and shall have such usual powers of supervision and management as may pertain to the office of the Section Director or as shall be assigned to that office by the Executive Committee.

Section Programming Officer:  shall be responsible for arranging educational programs, preparing the notice of such meetings and corresponding as necessary. The duties of the Section Programming Officer shall also be, in the event of absence or disability of the Section Director, to exercise the powers and to perform all the duties of that office, and perform such other duties as the Section Director and/or Executive Committee may assign.

Section Professional Development Officer:  shall be responsible for the professional development, continued education and recruitment of American Planning Association members as well as representing and advocating on behalf of the Section in various forums and performing such other duties as the Section Director, and/or Executive Committee may assign.

Secretary:  keep the Minutes of all Executive Committee meetings, to notify the membership of all meetings in accordance with these Bylaws, to maintain the membership rolls, to issue press releases and to perform such other functions as may be incidental to the office or may be assigned by the Section Director and/or the Executive Committee.

Treasurer:  collect and receive all monies to the Section, to be custodian of such funds, to disburse the same as directed by the Executive Committee, and to work with the Chapter to provide all required financial reports. All financial statements including the following years’ budget shall be prepared by the Treasurer and made available to the membership prior to the third membership meeting of the new year.  For section only members, dues notices shall be sent out no later than January 31st.  The books of the Treasurer shall be audited at the end of each Section year by such agency or persons, as the Executive Committee shall direct.

Past CDPA leaders are well-respected in the professional community for thier time and committment to our association.  This is a great opportunity to develop as a leader through your service to our association!  To be considered, please complete this form:  https://sean456.typeform.com/to/ASt3qk

Applications shall remain open until October 31, 2017.