Congratulations to Jennifer Viggiani, winner of the CDPA Professional Development Survey State Park Pass

Back in January, we asked Planners to fill out a professional development survey needs to help CDPA focus it’s program slate for 2017. To entice people, we offered a $65 NYS Parks Gift Card that could be used to buy an empire pass.

Congratulations to Jen Viggiani, the Open Space Coordinator for the Town of Clifton Park! What Will Jennifer do with her pass?

“One of my favorite state parks,” she tells us, “is Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park where one can experience the awesome beauty of the wide, majestic Hudson River, and Mid-Hudson Valley landscape. The best part is that this state park is super accessible as you can take a train (Metro-North, or Amtrak), ride your bike or walk to this state park, conveniently located in the City of Poughkeepsie, as well as access the Walkway from the Town of Highland. Plus, the next time I go, I can’t wait to visit the Franny Reese State Park, a 249-acre state park on the Ulster County side, that connects to, and offers views of the Walkway Over the Hudson.”

Sounds wonderful, Jen. Hopefully this snow melts soon and you can get down to Poughkeepsie to use your pass soon!


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