City of Albany hiring a Neighborhood Stabilization Coordinator

Under the general supervision of the Director of the Department of Buildings & Regulatory Compliance or their designee, the incumbent will actively enter the field to assess the City’s vacant buildings stock and organize this information in a new vacant building registry. The incumbent will also be expected to develop new systems and processes to make the City’s approach to vacant building management more effective and efficient. In doing so, the incumbent will be called upon to work closely with stakeholders inside and out of the City government and exercise a great deal of independent judgment.

Neighborhood Stabilization Coordinator duties:

  • Monitors, records, and evaluates vacant buildings in the City;
  • Researches ownership information of vacant or abandoned building owners;
  • Facilitates a task force made up of various City departmental representatives to
    develop a comprehensive, city-wide approach to vacant buildings;
  • Works closely with the various City department representatives, and others, including
    members of the public;
  • Provides vacant building owners with information on resources available through
    New York State to address abandoned properties;
  • Evaluates and improves upon the existing Vacant Building Registry;
  • Evaluates and improves upon the City’s approach to vacant buildings;
  • Oversees and advises city officials in the City of Albany’s implementation of the
    Neighborhood Stabilization Act
  • Attends community meetings to discuss vacant buildings and the needs of City
  • Works with Corporation Counsel to attend and provide testimony at code
    enforcement proceedings;
  • Develops a catalog of actors within the City who are involved with vacant

More information on the position, required qualifications, compensation, benefits  and instructions for how to apply can be found here.

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