Time is running out to register for CDRPC’s 3/31 Local Government Spring Workshop

There’s still time but not much of it. Registration is still open for CDRPC’s Local Government Spring Workshop at Hudson Valley Community College on Thursday, March 31.

WaterfrontOf particular interest to stormwater and natural resource managers is the session “Emerging Tools for Effective Stormwater Management” in which John Mastracchio of Arcadis will lead a presentation
on on cutting-edge Stormwater Credit Banking and In-Lieu Fee programs – innovative management and funding alternatives currently being evaluated by the Albany Pool Communities. Ari Lavine, corporation counsel for the City of Ithaca will provide case study about establishing a City Stormwater Utility District – the first and only in New York.

Register here: http://cdrpc.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/spring-2016-workshop-registation.pdf

Note, if your municipality has passed a resolution accepting this training, it will meet the State law for Planning and Zoning Boards continuing education requirements (sample resolutions available upon request). A certificate of attendance will be provided to Planning and Zoning Board attendees for each session attended.

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